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March 31, 2007

Hunting rituals

Spring has come at last and the mice have obviously thawed and are showing up in the garden. Mausi The Cat has taken to spending the nights outside again, no doubt doing important business with the other cats in the village, like settling on mice quota for each cat. Yesterday saw Mausi on the warpath. Have you ever noticed the hunting ritual between cat and mouse? It always seems to go along the following lines:

Act One: Let's hear if there is a little bugger about ...

Act Two: Yep - heard you!

Act Three: Where are you?

Act Four: Let's have a closer look.

Act Five: Now let's have some fun.As you can see, Mausi is doing her 'I am not really interested in you'-trick.

Act Six: Let's see how plucky you are. Oops, that mouse is fighting back.

Act Seven: Now the mouse is doing her 'I am dead already' - trick.

Act Eight: Shit - that blighter has escaped.

I suppose, Mausi's a bit out of practice. Don't be afraid for her - once she get's tired of tinned mice again she'll concentrate a bit more!

Posted by Mausi at March 31, 2007 03:25 PM

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