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March 30, 2007

Playing games with the West

The Iranian behaviour over the illegal detention of our sailors and Royals in the Shatt al Arab by their Republican Guard shows just how little evil regimes like this one think of the "Rules of Engagement" and "International Law" enshrined in things like the Geneva Convention. Perhaps this should be anobject lesson for the Human Rights lobbyists who are so quick to try and prosecute our troops for the slightest "infringement" of these same rules. It is of no comfort whatever to the hostages - for that is exactly what they are - or to their families to have the usual mantras trotted out by this particular abberant group on these occassions concerning "regard for the law" or the "we cannot be seen to be as bad as they are."

The Iranian Regime has, through its "Republican Guard" seized illegally the property of the British Crown and the persons of its serving men and women. That is an illegal act and one which the UN has once again shown itself to be useless to address. The Security Councils statement is nothing short of a slap in the face for Britain and I for one would wholeheartedly support both Britain and the US withdrawing support for all of the UN's activities until the organisation comes up with something a lot stronger in condemnation of the Iranians. The facts are that:
1. The Iranian government has breached the Conventions on the treatment of prisoners and is using them as hostages for its own political purposes. That is why they were seized and why they are being paraded on Television. That is a clear breach of all conventions on the treatment of military prisoners.
2. Iranian Vessels staged an invasion of Iraqi waters to seize these sailors, the ship they were investigating is still anchored where it was stopped for the search - and is well inside Iraqi waters.
3. The Republican Guard answers not to the Iranian Parliament but to their President and their Ayatollahs - it is therefore not a regular military force and should be seen as one raised, like Mugabe's 5th Brigade, as a terrorist organisation, and treated as such.
4. The Iranian Ministers and spokespeople are liars - and what is worse they consider this to be a legitimate ploy - after all they are dealing with people they regard as "Dhimmi" and whom they have clearly stated they intend to overthrow to impose their vision of a perfect society.
5. This is really all about humiliating the West and they know full well that the UK is so overstretched (It would not surprise me at all to discover that, under the Government's ethnicisation and feminisation of all Whitehall Departments that our MoD section dealing with Operations and deployment is staffed by Iranian or at least Muslim placemen passing on all sensitive information to Teheran) and that there is no way we could mount a retaliation or rescue mission.

Our sailors have been placed in this position by the stupidity and cupidity of those in Whitehall and Westminster who have reduced our armed forces to the point that we are so understrength and so overstretched that they are forced to rely on part timers to meet their commitments. And what is worse, when our boys and girls are wounded and injured in battle, they face being treated abominably by the disaster that is the NHS because that arch enemy of the armed services, the Civil Service, has decreed that the military do not need their own hospitals. The sight of Blair defending this in Parliament this morning had my blood boiling - especially coming on top of the recent incident when a lad was returned from the Gulf having lost a leg and, following emergency treatment at the scene, was evacuated back to Britain. Here he was rushed, by military ambulance, to the local NHS hospital and then had to wait his turn in the A&E Department - waiting four hours before a nurse approached.

Did she want to "assess" his injuries? Not a bit of it, she had been sent to tell him to remove his uniform as it might upset some of the other people waiting for treatment! The lad said later that if he hadn't been missing his leg he would have got himself out of there immediately - sadly he had no choice but to wait another two hours before he got proper attention - and nothing whatsoever has been done to the "manager" or the "nurse" responsible. According to Blair, our NHS Staff are providing our troops with the finest and best treatment available. No they are not Mister Blair - and you need to be taken out and shot for the appalling treatment our armed services are getting and the damage you have done to this once great nation - you and the rest of your treasonous party!

No wonder the Iranians are laughing at us. They know that as long as they want to play this game they can. Blair will do nothing because he can't. The UN will do nothing because it doesn't want to. And our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women will continue to be placed in danger and treated like dirt when they are sent home wounded - all so that Blair and his civil service stooges can continue to give themselves all the perks and kudos they want.

If I were now serving in any of the armed services, I would be seriously considering getting out before they sent me on yet another hostage taking trip for the Iranians or any other similar regime. Blair wants to fight this war? Let him and his army of worthless Whitehall W*nkers get out there and find out what the real world is all about, it might rid us of two problems simultaneously!

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 30, 2007 10:39 AM

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