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November 02, 2006

Media bias

An interesting aspect of our current political view of the world from Britain is the bias of the mass media and its influence on the way we in Britain see the world. I expect that a similar problem exists across Europe and I recently read that many Americans feel the same way about their press and mass media news reporting. I have long wondered about the fact that all Civil Service jobs and ALL BBC positions are advertised in one newspaper only - the Granuiad - or Guardian. The Guardian is used by the Civil Service on the grounds that it is the only newspaper owned by a "Not for Profit" Trust and that this represents the only correct use of public money. What it ignores is that only a left wing liberal with communist leanings is likely to buy this blatantly biased and ultr-left propaganda rag.

Frankly I would not wipe my rear end with it if it was the only paper available!

I suspect that the impact that this biased recruiting policy has had is to be seen in the fact that almost all our Civil Servants are now card carrying members of the Labour Party, or if not, are at least sympathisers. Similarly, it does not take a genius to see the blatant (except to the left wingers who staff the BBC's complaints department) bias in all their reporting of anything involving any moderately right wing view point, anything involving Israel and especially anything about the United States. I recently watched the BBC's Deputy General Director defending his organisation against some pretty barbed questioning and was left with the sad impression of a man who is so convinced by his own propaganda that he simply cannot see that his own hectoring responses were exactly what many of us feel is so wrong with his organisation. Watch any interview with any Labour minion and be sickened by the sycophantic fawning, yet, wheel out a "Right wing" politician and watch the same interviewer refuse to debate, to ask the most barbed questions and draw the most preposterous conclusions to anything the person being interviewed says.

The real problem is that this liberal left drip of constant contempt for anything they don't like is what is undermining our society. Their constant blather about "equality" and "fairness", about "poverty" and "redistribution of wealth" has now terminally damaged our confidence in our own abilities to improve ourselves. Everything is spun, everything is twisted until it becomes a mantra. As Cranmer's Prayer Book says, "we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us". Therein lies the heart of the problem, the liberal left cannot see truth, particularly when it disproves their articles of faith in things like "institutional racism" or "equality" or even the latest one that giving access to people from poorer backgrounds to the top places in the best universities will somehow transform them into geniuses of the future, is twisted into a mantra of academic bias or snobbery. The fact is that our education system is in deep crisis, the Comprehensive system is an expensive and ghastly failure and the fact that private schools have abandoned the GCSE exams should send a warning to Whitehall, instead it has evoked accusations of bias and prejudice against the schools concerned. They simply cannot stand people choosing for themselves, they have to control out thoughts and our access to everything, and let's face it, that is the hallmark of dictatorship.

The Left hates anything that smacks of individuality and again, our bias in the media created by hiring only left wing journalists has engendered a view in Britain of anyone who is individual or enterprising as being somehow crooked or an oppressor of one sort or another. They simply cannot celebrate individual success - probably because it flags up the fact they cannot control everything and where they do, they do so badly. The NHS, described recently as the biggest and worst example of Public Sector monopoly is an excellent case in point. And guess where the NHS recruits its managers?

You got it, The Guardian.

We have to break the Left Wing bias and the policy of recruiting left wing clones to all our media and the offices of State. If we do not we will probably be the first country in history to drift into a Communist system without ever fighting over it, or voting on it. Is the media bias affecting our thinking? Of course it is, and it cannot be good for any of us.

Posted by The Gray Monk at November 2, 2006 01:51 PM

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