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November 03, 2006

A shocking best seller?

I came across an interesting item on a blog called "Rhymes with right" the other day. In an interesting piece the author has quoted en block from somewhere else, it is revealed that the infamous "Protocols of Zion" , a fraudulent document originally produced in the late 19th Century by the Tsarist Secret Police to justify the pogroms, is currently the best selling book in Iran, Egypt and several other Middle Eastern countries. If that isn't setting the diplomatic alarm bells on fire alert throughout the Western world it damned well should be!

This ghastly concoction has been used throughout the twentieth century to justify persecution of the Jewish peoples, the most ghastly example being the Holocaust during the second world war - an event the Islamic "teachers" and leaders say did not happen. According to the Islamic propagandists that Mr Balir and his Nu Labour cronies love to cuddle up to and appease (Iraq is a ghastly mistake luvvies! Its about the oil, nothing to do with the religion, such a nice cuddly and peaceful religion dontchaknow?) the Holocaust "myth" is an invention of "International Zionists" to stir up passions against Islam and to steal "Arab land".

Unless the world wakes up and puts a stop to this open use of this ghastly rubbish and its spread by the propaganda of the Islamic system of unmonitored and unchecked brainwashing through "faith" schools (Christian Schools in the UK are obliged to take in Islamic students - one cathedral school is now 70% Islamic children! - but Islamic schools are not) we will very soon see Iran using them to justify the fact that they have "nuked" Israel. It will be on the heads and hands of Blair and the rest of the anti-Jewish Liberal Left when that happens - and frankly, it is my opinion that they should then be gathered together and sent to deal with the dead, the dying and the slaughter they have given legality too. At gunpoint if necessary!

Posted by The Gray Monk at November 3, 2006 09:44 AM

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