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April 17, 2006

Heading North

Well, today I am breaking the habit of a lifetime. I am about to hit the road on a Bank Holiday, to join the dubious pleasure of "motoring" North amidst the teeming hordes of returning holidaymakers - 18 million of them attempted to leave London and other major centres for other parts of the country on Thursday and Friday bringing gridlock to the roads. I am hoping to avoid the worst of this as I drive North with Mausi to explore the Western Isles and Highlands and to visit Iona.

We will be posting things, or our favourite Postulant will from time to time as we have the chance to do so. Expect a full report of our wanderings when we return, with Mausi on camera there should be lots of interesting pictures to share.

The Easter Feast reached its climax yesterday at the Abbey and we seem to have enjoyed record congregations this year - a reversal of the reported trend of shrinking attendance. Those who came to worship with us seemed to have come from far and wide, but a fair proportion were local folk who regard us as their spiritual home. Even some of those from abroad expressed that thought which suggests that the search for faith and for spiritual growth does indeed know or recognise no boundaries. We also made history this Easter when two woman priests concelebrated at the High Altar on Maundy Thursday with the Vicar and three other clergymen. This is the first time a woman has shared in the Eucharistic celebration and a concelebrant at this Altar since the ordination of women was made legal in 1988 and it represents a huge step forward in the spiritual life and growth of the Abbey congregations.

The motorway beckons, the Highlands beckon and I must away to Iona. I am praying for a lack of traffic and in particular for a safe and pleasant journey.

Posted by The Gray Monk at April 17, 2006 09:31 AM

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