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January 13, 2009

Stalking and the Royals .....

The latest brouhaha involving Prince Harry exposes an ugly element in the British Press. The act of acquiring and then publishing something like a private video, letters or even a note is a betrayal when done to anyone, when it is done, as the News of the World regularly do, to cause deliberate damage to an individual who, like the rest of us, is human and entitled to the occasional lapse of sense, it becomes questionable. The paper claims to be taking a "moral" stance, but lets be honest here, how "morally" was this video obtained. You can bet that it wasn't handed over to the reporter without a sizeable chunk of "Coin of the Realm" being handed out.

You can also bet that if it had been a Minister or a member of the government it wouldn't have even been of any interest to the reporter. So where is the "moral" element in this? Frankly, this newspaper employs tactics to "get the dirt" on the Royals that, if an individual embarked on, would be declared to fall within the scope of the Act that forbids "stalking" with intent to cause distress or harm. If it attempted the same tactics against any member of the government the entire Security Service would be onto them like a ton of bricks - so why is it "moral" to attack a young man who is serving his country in ways and theatres that the reporter, the editor and frankly the owners of the News of the World haven't the balls to do themselves?

As for the politicians rushing to denounce him for his frankly silly choice of words, well, they're politicians and desperately trying to seize some sort of "moral high ground" out of it all to show their "anti-racist" credentials. All it does is prove that, when you live in a swamp, climbing on the back of a crocodile is hardly moral high ground. Many of these same self-serving and over ambitious twits have caused me and many others far greater offence with their insulting and often derogatory assumptions about my supposedly "institutional racism/sexism/masochism" than merely calling me names can ever do. Yet, although this happens now on an almost daily basis as some politician or another proposes some new "offence" in the use of language, behaviour or attitude toward anthing not conforming to the Nu Labour Vision of a society of incomptents running everything from the lofty headquarters stolen from the taxpayer in Millbank House, I am expected to simply put up with it. Their propagandists, however, have free reign to pry and sneak and use inuendo to degrade anything which dares to stand above the herd.

Frankly, the tactics the News of the World uses in getting these stories and the "moral outrage" the politcians exhibit is a case of the pot calling the saucepan names. They have no morals at all and all they hope to achieve is to divert attention from their own utter lack of moral code. The British Press and the Political Classes have obviously all decided that the Royals make great scapegoats for their own shortcomings. Convenient and morally immoral.

The biggest problem we all face today is that our entire society is being driven down a path in which morality has been redefined as the prejudices of the current chattering classes. Whatever they find "unacceptable" is now "immoral". Prejudice is not moral and never will be, yet it is prejudice against everyone better than themselves, more able, more fortunate or simply of higher social standing than themselves is now defined as a "moral crusade" to ensure that "moral behaviour conforms to the current prejudices."

As I said, I look at the press reactions and the politicians and all I can see is a bunch of moral deficients calling someone with far more talent and courage, names. Its sickening.

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 13, 2009 03:03 PM

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This is simply chaff to detract us from the real world. The Israelis and Palestinians are locked in mortal combat, our armed forces are laying down their lives for the vanity of the political class, our economies are on a downward spiral to oblivion. Need I go on? I wonder just how many of these class warriors and politically correct muppets have ever been in a uniformed, disciplined service, prepared to put their lives on the line for Queen and country? No, I thought not either. A plague on all their houses. Come the revolution...

Posted by: Slim Jim at January 14, 2009 11:20 AM

Posted by: Postulant at January 16, 2009 01:22 PM

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