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January 12, 2009

A walk in the Wald - the pictures!

The Taunus foothills above Bliebenstadt and Hahn are a wonderful area to walk, even in temperatures well below freezing. Ice sheets fill the ruts in the paths and roads and the sun glints off frost in some areas and misses it altogether in others. The pictures give a small snapshot of the walk.

Young growth at the forest edge - in summer this is a thick carpet of green beneath the shade of the mix of trees.

A woodpecker hammering away at a tree sounded almost like a small jack hammer at work with his "Tok-tok-tok-tok ..."

An access road into the trees used by walkers and the forestry staff. The forest has a mix of beech, pine and several other species. It is also home to wild boar and deer.

Forest Lodge.JPG
A small lodge built of heavy logs and looking rather cosy - a nice supply of cut firewood at one side suggesting it is in regular use.

A vista through a section of the forest damaged last year by a tremendous storm. Every valley seems to have its hamlet.

Then it was only around three miles back to Mausi's house and coffee and a repast of biscuits, cake and cheescake. Just the thing after a long walk in the cold!

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