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January 26, 2009

Meetings, bl**dy meetings - and public transport!

OK, so I suggested yesterday that there might be some pictures from Mausi today, but I'm sorry to say I haven't had the time to put them up. In fact, I'm currently on a Great Western Train trying to get to a meeting in London by 10.00 and at current rate of progress I might be lucky to get there by 11.00

If I'm that late for the first meeting in Hammersmith, I've no chance of getting to the second meeting in the City iteself by 12.00! There's at least a half hour tube ride between the two - assuming of course, that the connections all run on time. And now, before my Dongle runs out of signal on this section. Adieu!

Tomorrow I have to be in Tenby in Wales early as well, but that will be dependent on the state of the M50 ......

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 26, 2009 09:09 AM

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