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January 25, 2009


Mausi has landed in San Fransisco, and has sent me some pictures which make me green with envy. Of course it doesn't help that I couldn't have gone there anyway as I have other commitments which keep me in the UK. It seems that I'm fated never to get to see the West Coast, everytime I've had something lined up to get "out west" something else has come up to prevent it.

Anyway, I guess I'll have to wait to go through Mausi's pictures and hear her views on San Fransisco, I have a report to finalise which means meetings in London tomorrow - and that means catching a train at 0710 tomorrow morning. Ugh.

More tomorrow perhaps, and possibly even some pictures from Mausi.

OK, OK, so I really am green with envy!

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 25, 2009 10:02 PM

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