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November 24, 2008

One of those days...

Mausi has taken two days off to sit down at last and start writing the paper she will present at a conference in January. Plenty of time? Yes, but the deadline for the manuscript is December 12! As always, nothing ever goes as planned. Mausi had to leave the office early last Friday. There was a storm raging outside and a severe threat of snow coming down heavily and living in the lower Taunus Mountains Mausi thought it might be a good idea not to get caught in the woods in darkness with trees threatening to fall down on her car. Already the local fire brigades were on duty cutting up trees that were blocking roads in some places. So Mausi didn't finish some urgent work on Friday which she had to do this morning instead. That took most of the morning...

Now she's desperately waiting for inspiration to hit her. As ever in these situations Mausi tends to busy herself with unimportant details like trying to draw up a floor plan she is going to use in the paper on her computer. It's a real draw back if there are several drawing programs to choose from - finally Mausi made up her mind which one to use. Now it should be straightforward and downhill from here on.

Meanwhile Mausi is relieved to hear that the Monk has safely arrived in Kazachstan despite his fears in Heathrow of the Astana Airline's counter not opening up in time and of being left behind. Obviously all went well, he has secured a comfortable hotel room with a view of the snow capped mountains. He was the first speaker this morning but apart from giving the interpreter a bad time all went well and - as Mausi has pointed out to him - he will now be able to enjoy the rest of the conference... His hosts have even promised (or threatened?) him with a sighseeing tour on Wednesday. That will certainly be an interesting experience...

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