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November 11, 2008

On the road again...

Tonight Mausi's packing her suitcase again to spend the next two days deep down in Thuringia at a small town called Bad Liebenstein. Mausi is going there for a biennial workshop with her colleagues from the German Federal States. It is always a bit like the meeting of the Druids at the forest of Carnute. One meets colleagues one hasn't seen or heard from for some time, despite landlines, emails and other modern form of communication. Some of these colleagues have become good friends over the years and others not, as it is the way of the world. But it is always good fun to discuss with them what's new in science and catch up on a whole raft of other things. Thuringia was chosen as a meeting point because it is roughly in the middle of Germany, so even the colleagues from the far South and the far North can make it there in half a day. Let's hope all goes well and no trains break down or people get caught in traffic jams on the autobahn. We'll see.

The Monk is still very busy up in Cheshire. So blogging might be a bit erratic during the next two days. Mausi will have no access to the internet and the Monk might simply be too busy to find the time. Bear with him.

There's a bit of fun hidden for you in the extended post of today. Enjoy!

Imagine you have several people applying for a job in your organisation. How would you know where to put them? That's dead easy:

1. Put 400 bricks into an empty room.
2. Lead all applicants into this room and close the door.
3. Come back after 6 hours and and assess the situation:

a. If they have counted the bricks -> BOOK KEEPING
b. If they have counted the bricks several times -> REVISION
c. If they have distributed the bricks haphazardly about the whole room -> RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT
d. If they have arranged the bricks in an unfathomable way -> PLANNING
e. If they are throwing bricks at each other -> MANAGEMENT
f. If they are asleep -> SECURITY
g. If they have broken up the brick into small pieces ->IT
h. If they are just sitting there -> PERSONNEL
j. If they already have gone home -> MARKETING
k. If they are doing nothing but looking out of the window -> STRATEGIC PLANNING
l. If they are caught up in a heated discussion and not a single brick has been moved -> TOP MANAGEMENT

Posted by Mausi at November 11, 2008 07:59 PM

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I found the comparison between druids and forensic scientists quite funny at first... then I remembered that all of the best lab technicians at my University could have passed for druids :D

Hopefully there were no sacrifices?

Posted by: Postulant at November 18, 2008 09:04 PM

Nope, not this time... ;-)

Posted by: Mausi at November 19, 2008 08:28 PM

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