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October 03, 2008

Just a pretty picture

It is hard to believe that I took the picture below a little over four years ago. It is the view from the front of the home oif a very dear friend in South Africa and looks west towards the Cape St Francis and the famous surfer paradise of Jeffreys Bay which is easily a little over thirty miles in a straight line from here. The house sits on the top of a dune covered rocky coast whose rock formations are matched only on the shores of South America, proof of continental drift and the existence at some distant point in the past of the great super contenent of Gondwanaland.

Schoenies sunset.JPG
Sunset from Seaview. At night the flash of the lighthouse on Seal Point at Cape St Francis can be seen clearly.

The tiny point of light on the water is the tip of the sun. In typical tropical fashion, it is no sooner below the horizon than the light is gone. This coast is extremely exposed to gales from the south and west. When these blow the sea is spectacular as there is little between here and Antarctica to break the force of wind or sea.

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