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January 07, 2008

I wonder who will "glorify" our surrender?

The report out today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation sum up, for me, the cancer which will destroy our society and our civilisation. It is so obviously compiled by those of the "the military is evil" faction that I am surprised that it is even being given serious media attention. Sadly though, these same "Peaceniks" are in charge of the media as well - so naturally they will promote their own exclusive view and try to make out that anyone who thinks anythinbg different is a rampant blood thirsty, murdering, enemy of the people.

The report states that the Army is deliberately misleading recruits and "glorifying war" in its recruiting and promotional material. Perhaps the authors of this complete load of ordure should be reminded that it was the Army, the Royal Navy and RAF that ensured they are now free to publish such cr*p. How do they conclude that the Army telling recruits that they will have to fight in defence of liberty, may be called upon to shoot at an enemy or be constantly vigilant "glorify" war? They are stating simple facts.

The second thing these idiots are whinging about is that once a recruit has signed on "it is very difficult to leave". Well, yes, it is, but then, if I sign a contract with anyone for a predetermined period there are penalties for breaking it! A recruit who signs up for a twelve year period of service should be very well aware of the fact that he or she now has three ways to leave - Dishonourable discharge, discharge wounded or dead and serving out the time! It is possible, in todays armed forces, to leave before the full contract is served, but it has a process and that process is fully explained to every recruit before they sign - and, in contrast to any previous system - the recruit is told to take the papers home and think on it for twenty four hours and discuss it with someone they know and trust.

The Rowntree Foundation is a well known left wing anti-war foundation, after all, the Rowntree family are Quakers and pacifists. But, sadly, they represent today, the rotten core of the anti-military, unilateral disarmament, better Red than Dead cowards that currently run the country. This anti-military attitude pervades every town hall, every publishing house and every part of our media. Even Whitehall would rather spend money buying furniture and paintings for the MoD office block than on proper ammunition or equipment for the troops. It is a parallell with the fall of Rome - and we will soon have no means with which to defend ourselves when the next Alaric arrives at the gates ...

A sad day for Britain, and probably a foretaste of our ultimate surrender to the very next aggressor to threaten our nation. Who will then "glorify" our surrender?

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 7, 2008 11:36 AM

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