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October 27, 2007

Update on The Monk

The Monk is still doing well. His students are very interested in the course and teaching them is obviously fun even if they are argumentative at times. Better that than getting no response, Mausi thinks.

Yesterday was Black Friday in Libya, a day of nationwide mourning. Everything was shut down even telephone and internet access. So the Monk had a quiet day to himself with only Harry and Ferghal, the heroes of the book he is writing at the moment, for company.

The Monk says he's slowly getting used to being excluded from conversation around him because hardly anybody speaks English and he has no Arabic. Quite a novel experience. Mausi supposes one can easily get used to the rest of the world speaking at least some sort of English. Must be nice to be able to go almost anywhere on business or on holiday and never having to worry about making oneself understood to the natives. During her stays in England Mausi has been accused of giving people funny, i. e. critical looks, when being talked to in German. Mausi didn't intende to do that she was just totally taken aback at being talked to in her mother tongue.

The Monk has by now served half his time and will hopefully find the remaining days as interesting as the first ones.

Posted by Mausi at October 27, 2007 01:25 PM

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