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October 26, 2007

Autumn tristesse

October is the month of golden colours and it has lived up to its name so far. The days have been filled with sunshine. It's funny, however, how colours change when the sky is overcast as it was today. It suddenly feels very much like winter and the end of the year.

071026_garten02.JPG   071026_garten01.JPG
One of the last coloured spots in Mausi's garden

Mausi had a day off from the office today and decided to have a go at her garden. Almost unnoticed the weeds threatened to take over, particularly one nasty bit of stinging nettle. Alright, Mausi knows it is much favoured by the butterflies. Mausi likes butterflies and has planted all kinds of other plants for them to feed on like buddlejas and a few others. If they want to come to this garden they'll have to make do with what is offered to them.

071026_garten03   071026_garten04.JPG
Mausi will be able to go round the gazebo again now. - Another of Mausi's favourite grass plants.

Mausi worked hard for a couple of hours always under the watchful eye of Mausi, the Cat, who took no chances today and didn't come inside for fear of being taken to the vet again. But her wound is healing nicely so there is no need.

Posted by Mausi at October 26, 2007 04:53 PM

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