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October 12, 2007

Unhealthy Health Services?

The revelation that the NHS Trust which runs three of Kent's hospitals has actually killed ninety patients by allowing the spread of a deadly bug in its wards is bad enough, but then to have the facile moron mouthpiece representing them mouth "we're sorry - and apologise to ..." simply adds insult to injury. How, you may ask, does this come about? Quite easily, a combination of meaningless targets, underpaid and overstretched medical staff - the big salaries and money all go to the Bureaucrats who run the Trusts - a lack of any understanding among "managers" of the impact their "management decisions" have on the delivery of services and hospitals that are unfit for human occupation all contribute.

Then there is the revelation that patients were not taken to the toilets or given bed pans, urine bottles or the facilities to help themselves when bedridden - and you have beds covered in the ideal material to breed super bugs. Is this Trust unique? Not from what I have seen, nor from what I am told by one of my daughters who works in the NHS as a Nursing Assistant. She was recently injured when a large patient fell on her and the hospital now refuses to acknowledge that her injury is their fault. Believe it or not their Health and Safety Policy explicitly forbids her to prevent a patient falling (which is what she attempted to do), claiming that her injury is a result of her own disobedience of a written instruction. The fact that she was attempting to help a patient is, according the managers, irrelevant, she should have called for help to assist her to pick the patient up after the fall and not attempted to intervene.

Well, I would like to meet the "manager" that wrote that policy - and ram it down their throats. Our hospitals are a disgrace precisely because they are now run by morons who think that way and understand nothing but their own rules.

Now that the Treasury and the MoD have shut down the Military Hospitals and "awarded" contracts to the NHS to provide medical services for the military we are already seeing our troops on the receiving end of appalling treatment and abuse by the creatures that have been placed in charge of the Health Services. One young man, flown back from the battlefield in Iraq was told to remove his uniform because "it upsets some of our customers" by a bumptious A&E Manager recently. She failed to realise that he had just been flown in and, what is worse, HAD BEEN LEFT IN A CORRIDOR ON A GURNEY FOR TWO HOURS BY HER STAFF. He evidently wasn't considered urgent enough - after all he was only missing a limb, had several chunks of shrapnel in him and a saline solution drip .... No, HE must get up himself and remove his uniform because it upset some of the drug addicts lurking in the waiting area .... Her customers no doubt. There has stillbeen no apology for this disgraceful conduct by eitherv the Manager concerned or the Trust who employs her - and both should be forced to resign immediately. Fortunately a military doctor came a few minutes later and blew several fuses - but this would not happen if the military still had their own facilities!

There is only one cure for the Health Service. Scrap it. Scrap it before it kills off any more elderly people, any more of our military - and every single "manager" should be placed on a Blacklist and barred from employment for life.

Posted by The Gray Monk at October 12, 2007 08:28 PM

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