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October 18, 2007

Packing ...

Yesterday was spent chasing up to London again, in order to retrieve the passport and hopefully find a visa in it to go and do the work I have been commissioned to do in Libya. Pasport recovered, visa approved and issued, the Monk joined his eldest daughter for a bite of lunch at Hays Galleria. A pleasant spot, but I am sorry to say that the food, when we got it, was disappointing. At least we had a good chat and catch up, which I suppose made it worthwhile. Then it was time to find the way back to Paddington and return to the wilds of Gloucestershire.

Trouble is, that all this up and back to London has seriously disrupted another project so it was 02.00 before the Monk turned in this morning.

Now he is packing, something he always manages to leave something vital out of, and doesn't particularly enjoy. Oh joy, oh rupture - and its a 04.00 start tomorrow ....

If the usual service on this blog is a little patchy over the next two weeks it will be because I have not been able to get online from Libya. Mausi will do her best to fill the gaps, but she is in the process of moving offices and a full laboratory - and all the delicate and sometimes bulky equipment. We'll do our best to keep you all entertained ...

Posted by The Gray Monk at October 18, 2007 01:28 PM

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