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October 19, 2007

No beach party tonight

The Monk has safely reached his first destination in Libya. 29 centigrades and a hotel next to the beach with a view! What more could one ask for, especially when we had the first snow in the mountains here in Germany last night? To Mausi's question if he planned to go beach partying tonight he said that the security fence around the hotel was preventing him from even getting near the beach.

Reminded Mausi a bit of what her parents once told her from a visit to Vienna years ago. Her parents went to one of the many Viennese Cafes where they played live music - Wiener Walzer, of course. Mausi's parents felt an itch in their feet for it was a big establishment and there would have been more than enough room to waltz around, but the conductor nipped any attempts of the guests in the bud saying sternly: "No dancing please!" and pointing to a sign on the wall which said the same.

You know, ther may be compensations for the Monk tomorrow morning when he will be able to watch a glorious sunrise from the window of his room!

Posted by Mausi at October 19, 2007 04:28 PM

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