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April 30, 2007


Having explored some of the East coast of the Emerald Isle, we crossed to the West via Enniskillen and Sligo to reach Croagh Patrick. From there we travelled the "scenic route" following the coast until we were forced to turn South across the peninsula and take the Loo Pass along the shore of Loo Lough. From Leenaun we were able to follow the coast again and cross the Connemara Peninsula. Two things stand out - the peat harvesting and the endless miles of peat covered landscape, and the bleakness of the scenery. In contrast to the rest of Ireland, this area is brown with outcrops of rock to break the peat. The road would break a snakes back in places and the inhabited parts are marked by clusters of small enclosures within dry stone walls. These are not boundaries however, they are the most efficient means of holding the thin soil in place!

A small "Castle" on the Town Quay at Oranmore, stands sentinel at the head of Galway Bay. It is now a private residence.

Turning East again we followed the coast to Galway at the head of Galway Bay and then continued to Oranmore were we could find a quiet place to have lunch. Again, the scenery changed and the bleakness of the Connemara is replaced by greenery, trees and rolling countryside. It has been said that Ireland is like a bowl, with all the mountains around the rim and the interior lying low and wet. This may be so, but the West is certainly steep and the valleys and lowlying areas filled with lakes and Loughs.

Our journey across to Dublin was quick and easy, but we both felt that there was plenty more we would have to return to see again or to sample new.

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