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December 13, 2006

EU Corruption at work?

There is a very worrying report from the House of Lords regarding the case of the EU Commission on food safety and a small British firm which has now been forced out of business on orders from Brussels. This despite the firm having successfully challenged the Commission in the European Court and won - the Commission first made three attempts to impliment the decision in a very slewed manner - and then simply by-passed it by demanding that our own Department of Health pass an immediate and totally unprecendented Statutory Instrument banning the use of any product made by the target firm!

The Lords have rightly challenged the Minister of Health who supinely agreed that it was unprecendented and unfair - but he felt he could not refuse since to do so would place us in breach of an EU Directive! Never mind the fact that the Commission is blatantly in breach of their own laws and in breach of a European Court Judgement! Never mind the fact that the EU Commissions Inspectors have repeatedly misdirected their committee and have flagrantly misapplied both the law and deliberately misinterpretted their own data. This is extremely worrying because it suggests that the Commission has an ulterior motive. Perhaps the Commission should now be investigated because it is almost certainly the case that these orders have come from someone in receipt of a substantial bribe - to put a rival out of business. The Noble Lords are very right to make an issue of this, and very right to be concerned at the ramifications for our democracy.

The Commission has refused to accept the findings of our inspectors who found nothing at all wrong, having conducted a much more thorough going inspection of the premises than the Eurocrats who could not even interpret their own documentation - all they in fact looked at. In fact the UK Inspectors identified that the Commissions inspectors had misrepresented their own data! One is left with the distinct impression that the inspection had only one purpose - to close down a factory which is hurting someone with the ear of the EU Commissioner in providing a better service and product. Now the Commission is threatening to impose a fine on the Department of Health for "failing to protect public health"! That is really rich considering that their data for this has been trashed in court twice! It will be nothing short of a disgrace if the Whitehall W**kers are allowed to pay any such fine - it must be challenged in every court available and the Commissioner himself charged with contempt of Court and of Democracy. Whitehall cannot be allowed to simply accept this!

It is time to stop being so damned supine in Whitehall. Perhaps it is time to issue a summons for the Commission's inspectors to appear in the High Court in Britain to explain their contempt of the law, of the Courts and of the truth. Perhaps standing at the Bar of the House of Lords and undergoing cross examination in the Highest Court in Britain will prove to be a salutory lesson to this bunch of unelected, corrupt and dictatorial despots a salutory lesson.

Sadly, it is unlikely to happen. Not while Blair thinks he can do business with the EU in its present form. It might jeopardise his nice cushy number as a future Commissioner himself.

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 13, 2006 03:01 PM

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I believe this report but I think that nothing will be done to improve the situation...

Posted by: Rob at December 14, 2006 03:25 AM