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October 28, 2006

Places of note

OK, I know, I can't help being pleased with the idea of my book being in print. The picture below is also described in the book, it is the view from Harry's "home" of Strangford Lough. The soft rolling country around the Lough is fairly typical of the County. The Lough is famous for many things, but probably the most unusual feature is the fact that the entrance to the sea has a "step" in it at certain states of the tide. This can be as much as four feet difference in the water levels on either side as the tide runs in or out. There is a ferry between Portaferry and Strangford villages on opposite sides of the entrance.

Harrys view.JPG
Strangford Lough seen from the High Road across Scrabo's Eastern flank.

County Down is beautiful, green, well watered (it rains a lot!) and very ancient landscape. This is the countryside where Saint Patrick lived and worked as a boy slave and later as the missionary Bishop. He is buried outside the Cathedral of Downpatrick - dedicated, of course, to the saint! It certainly gives me a special feel to walk the roads and paths my grandfather once trod.

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