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October 03, 2006

Irish whimsy......

Dublin has two Church of Ireland Cathedrals, one is Christ Church Cathedral and the other is Saint Patrick's. Christ Church is located in Dame Street and has a fascinating bridge over the road which separates it from the former Synod Hall which is now the venue for the Dublinia exhibition. The cathedral is also the site of the tomb of the Norman Earl, de Clare, known as Strongbow, who successfully invaded Ireland in 1169 and set in train the "English" occupation.

A bit of medieval whimsy in the tiled floor of the Cathedral of Christ Church Dublin. A pair of Foxes, dressed as pilgrims from Compostella make their way around the tiles.

The building was heavily restored during the Victorian period, but a great deal has been preserved in the process and the undercroft and Treasury are definitely worth a visit. So too is the Dublinia experience which allows you to take a walk through the history of this fascinating and ancient city.

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