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August 29, 2006

Catching up - slowly!

The last few months have been really hectic, in fact I think that I have done as much work in the last few months as I had managed to get done in the last year or so. It seems my boss and everyone else thinks that the last few weeks before my retirememnt are filled with nothing else but their "must get this done before you finish tasks!" Well, yesterday I managed to get through a lot for my own account for a change and even managed to catch up with my brother in South Africa on the phone and Ozguru in Australia! And I finished my presentation for Belgrade in September - the only problem there is it is in excess of 200MB and so won't go by e-mail - so it goes by courier this morning.

One thing catching up with friends and family did do, was give me the opportunity to find out what is happening in parts of the blogosphere and Ozguru has some lovely Latin quotes up on his blog at G'day Mate. Well worth visiting for a quick tickle of the funny bone and laughter tank refill. I was sad to discover that another of my favourite reads has dropped out of the blogospher altogether for the moment after an argument with her service provider. Cynical Cyn's pithy comments on a wide range of things will be missed. In fact, I notice that she is not the only one who has vanished, several of the links on my list of MuNuvians don't work anymore and searches don't turn up any alternatives - which suggest that they have moved on to something else entirely.

Looking around, I notice too that there is an increasing number of blogs which seem to be run by or for journalists and I can only think that they have moved into the arena because they have either not got the editorial freedom in their normal forum to say certain things, or they are trying to counter the blogosphere's reporting of their selectivity and bias by attacking it from within. I will need to think about that one carefully and read quite a few more of those specific blogs carefully before I decide which.

The other thing which is very apparent is that the blogosphere is being increasingly policed by a number of self appointed 'policemen' for the PC Brigade. The events around the Inigo Wilson saga show just how vicious that lobby are in their pursuit of policing our thoughts and ramblings. Personally I find it disturbing to say the very least, that we are increasingly being policed, bullied and compelled to accept a minority lobbies vision of morality which is entirely based on their own prejudices and not on morality at all. Taken with the fact that Iran is now a maverick state in the hands of a maverick and masochistic government and apparently arming itself, or attempting to acquire the means to do so, with nuclear weapons, our home grown Unilateral Disarmament Lobby are, as usual, weeping in their tea cups over the fact that we are such horrible people that we want to replace our nuclear arsenal. Maybe we shouldn't - then Iran or any other tinpot dictator with nuclear weapons can simply take over the world, and oiur society will be as dead as it would be if the CND lot's worst projections were to come true.

Well, for those that are interested, perhaps a brief read of this post on the Laughing Wolf will give a much needed and informed view of the realities of this weapon. He has included a number of very useful links to informative sources as well - another worthwhile read!

Anyway, before I get too depressed about all of this, I will include this link to Dusting my brain (I think I know how that feels at the moment!) and a picture to go with Mausi's picture of the green woodpecker.

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 29, 2006 08:47 AM

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Thank you for the linklove! :-) 'twas quite nice of you!

Posted by: Cindy at September 5, 2006 07:44 PM