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June 24, 2006

You can't be serious Mr Blair!

Our Illustrious Leader really has run out of ideas - or perhaps it's because, since Alistair Campbell was forced to leave his Media Advisory Team - he's having to write his own statements and there's no one around to tell him what to say and what not to say anymore. It is also a measure of the man's desperation to be able to claim that he has "improved" the British way of life through his modernisation and "Cool Britannia" approach that he has now leapt into the scandal over the justice system and made a series of sweeping pronouncements on the subject. Oh, and just in case you didn't hear him yourself, its all the last Conservative Government's fault.

According to our dearly beloved Tone, the legislation he and his playmates have thrust into the statute books is not at the heart of the problem. Honest guv, the tinkering and tampering they have introduced is not - it's all the fault of those nasty Conservatives who wrote legislation that was far too clear cut - and the Judges who "misinterpret" the Human Rights Act, the Criminal Evidence Act and the whole avalanche of other legislation Blair and his idiots have created to ensure that their criminal friends don't get too harshly treated by our courts. Now he tells us that he wants to "rebuild confidence in the police and rebuild peoples faith in the Justice System". Frankly it makes me want to laugh since it is this little creep and his pot smoking hippy cronies who have done more than anyone else to undermine the police, to tie them up in red tape and to destroy the ability of the courts to actually deal with crime.

One thing we should not expect is for this shower to actually do anything useful on this problem, if their past record is anything to go by (and we should have a good idea of THAT by now!), whatever they do will make it far worse than it was to start with.

It is amazing the gall of the man, when the leading lawyers and Judges are all saying the same thing, that since Labour came to power their tinkering and tampering have created a dog's breakfast of the justice system, the immigration system and made the task of the police almost impossible, that he can still turn round and say, with a straight face, that the problem is not with what he and his clowns have done, but with the legacy of the last Conservative government. If he were to stay in power for fifty years (God please forbid!) he would probably still be trotting out this excuse.

He really does think that the electorate is comprised entirely of idiots who will swallow any lie he cares to utter and who will believe his spin even in the face of evidence to prove his utter incompetence in government. The Civil Service is totally unfit for purpose, but this shower of politicians are even more so. It is time to throw the entire system out and start afresh.

Posted by The Gray Monk at June 24, 2006 11:28 AM


I must agree with the PM. No, I'm not ill. The electorate IS comprised 'entirely of idiots who will swallow any lie he cares to utter and who will believe his spin even in the face of evidence to prove his utter incompetence in government'! Why else have they been in power for 9 years? I also disagree with you. If Tony's Cronies were pot-smoking hippies, they'd make a better job of running this country! You're right though - time to start afresh.

Posted by: Slim Jim at June 25, 2006 01:29 PM