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April 08, 2006

Taxing death

The latest Budget contains some rather sneaky tax changes. Our Chancellor is so convinced that only he and his collection of Class Warriors, thieves and muggers of anyone they consider "rich" or "advantaged" can "redistribute wealth" fairly - that is, into their and their cronies pockets - that they have further tightened the screws on those who hope to leave even a small legacy to their children. As someone whose grandparents were stripped of a farm and home that had been in the family for slightly over 400 years, you could say that I hold a prejudiced view. You'd probably be right, especially since it has meant that the three generations since then have always fallen in the gap between those who qualify for handouts for everything and those who want for nothing and can afford the fancy tax accountants and tax dodges while sending their children to public schools and the very best fee paying universities - with extra tuition also possible should little Johnnie or Spohie need it.

Don't get me wrong, I do not envy those that are able to do this - I resent bitterly the likes of Blair, Brown, Clarke, Straw and the rest - all from those privileged backgrounds - stripping me of the hard earned income I have, and then imposing a totally immoral tax on whatever insurance and or property I will be able to leave to my children. The mere fact that I own, rather than rent from their poodle councils, the flat I live in means that everyone else in my neighbourhood qualifies for all sorts of extra cash from Whitehall to "assist them in old age", while I do not! So, I will have to make do with my pension which will be one fifth of what I currently earn without any other benefits - until I dispose of my property and have spent all the "profit". In short I am not allowed to pass anything on to my children! So much for "fairness" and dignity, so much for the taxpayer who has funded all the layabouts who vote for this shower of immoral charlatans.

The ancient home my family had to surrender when we could not raise the cash to pay a death duty demand of slightly more than the property was actually worth at the time, had been taken over by the Ministry of War and used as a headquarters during the period 1940 - 1946. When handed back, the house was in dire straights and needed major structural repairs thanks to "alterations" made during the war. The Labour Government's poodles in the civil service refused to make good the damage - war austerity you know! - and then presented my grandfather with a tax demand as his father had died and the property now passed to him. Family possessions such as furniture and portraits had been simply piled in a barn during the war and were, by now, ruined, so there was little he could do to raise money anyway. His own business had also been ruined by the war and the austerity that imnposed so he declared himself bankrupt - and the tax office grabbed the entire property and sold it to defer the tax payment. He fought their "outstanding claim" for something like fifteen years afterward as they sold it at way below their own valuation!

Yes, I am prejudiced on this score, and yes, I am bitter and do harbour a deep grudge. That is perhaps why I shall do all in my power to ensure that anything I have does pass to my children - even if it means my sleeping under a hedgerow somewhere until I am called from this life. Brown and his thieves will get nothing more from me once I retire - and for my part I will take everything I legally can from them and their cronies. I have paid my way all through this life and my children will do so too - unlike Blair and Brown's favourite "class" of wasters and benefit dependents.

Well, it's soon going to be my turn to take some of that back - and believe me I will!

Posted by The Gray Monk at April 8, 2006 08:16 AM

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