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April 22, 2006

Inside the SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain is cleverly designed to bring as much comfort to its passengers and crew members as possible. Looking at the photograph of the deck below the top deck you notice chestlike structures on both sides. These are in fact "windows" designed to bring light from the top deck into this one and into the dining room below. They are covered by grilles to prevent things from falling through.

Deck below the top deck inside the ship

The First Class cabins are to the port and starboard of this photograph. These passengers had of course their own access to the top deck.

The rather big sized galley gives you an idea how many of the crew must have been busy with preparing and serving the meals for the passengers. I imagine it must have been quite a hectic place at times with pots steaming and spluttering all around you.

Part of the galley

Keeping enough supplies for all on board must have been quite another matter. The photograph below shows the larder. There is also a place on board where freshly caught fish or whatever came along could be kept.

One of the places where the provisions were kept

I wonder, though, how often they were reduced to ships biscuits and plain water during the last leg of their journey...

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