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March 28, 2006

Labour melt down?

Recently Mr Blair has been in the spotlight over a little matter of undeclared "loans" from some of his chums who, no doubt, thought they might get a mention in an Honours List. Well, they didn't and now Mr Blair stands exposed, looking a little less than saintly despite his attempts to distract us.

I will confess that neither he, nor the Party he leads, are top of my favourite people lists, so I am not sorry to see them exposed in this way for the deceitful and dishonest bunch they are. It really is time they were pushed, waiting for them to go voluntarily simply will not do. As is the usual procedure now with this dishonest party, they are now desperately trying to cover their tracks by throwing mud at everyone else. Give the LibDems their due - they are open about their donors and bankers, the Conservatives are less so. The real problem for all of them is that the donors frequently don't want to be known to be supporters of one party or another -and sometimes even support more than one!

For Labour though, the crisis this has provoked runs deeper than mere money - although the news that they are having to make Party workers redundant and may even have to sell off their Walworth Road and the recently acquired Kensington office buildings to balance the books shows just how desperately dishonest and determined to cling to power they are. No wonder Blair immediately made a play for the public purse! Considering that they rented the former HQ of a government department for the first seven or so years they were in power at a peppercorn rent (until people started to ask awkward questions) perhaps it is also time to demand that they pay back to the public purse the difference between what they paid and what they should have paid on that rent. After all, the "rental" terms amounted to a public subsidy of one political party - which is both illegal and dishonest!

Perhaps the best thing that is emerging from this is that, as Blair loses his grip, the party is once more showing all its natural internal divides. This is what kept them out of power for twenty years - their inability to all sit at the same table and sing from the same song sheet. If Blair is to be credited with anything, it must be that he has employed the same tactics that Lenin and Stalin used to bring the party under control. He simply did not allow dissent. His MP's all were fitted with pagers (electronic tags as the other parties dubbed them) and he ensured that any MP who broke ranks was disciplined by the party. It didn't always work, but it has kept him in power for far longer than he or his bankrupt cabinet deserved. Of course, he didn't have the same option for dissenters that Lenin and Stalin enjoyed - a visit by the Secret Police and an extended vacation in the Siberian Gulags, but his threats and bullying have worked fairly well on the whole.

As his grip weakens though, more and more rebels are emerging and, surprise, surprise, all the Old Labour baggage with them. Class War, Selective and Private Education, Private Savings, Pensions and Health are all now in their sights. Brown, the "Heir Apparent" has already shown himself adept at robbing peoples savings and pensions so we know where this will go under his leadership. Hopefully the latest crisis in the Health Service and the paucity of the plans for education (basically dumb it down even more .... and destroy anything that might produce real learning or achievement!) will now begin to penetrate through the electorates collective consciousness.

We live in hope I suppose!

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 28, 2006 10:32 AM

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We also need to look at this issue against the backdrop of ever-declining membership of the Labour Party. Apparently it is now HALF of what it was in 1997, and will be ZERO by 2018 if the decline continues! That demonstrates how desperate things are for this, the most mendacious government in British history. The big problem for them is that they came to power by lying to us, and have continued to do so ever since. They've been found out, but will the British electorate respond accordingly? Don't hold your breath!

P.S. You need to change your site's clock!

Posted by: Slim Jim at March 28, 2006 08:08 AM