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October 26, 2005

Requiem for Church Mouse

It is with great sadness that I have to report that my beloved Church Mouse has died. She finally succumbed to the cancer which attacked her around this time last year at 12.30 EST (17.30 BST) today. She will be missed. Earlier this year her husband of some forty years simply gave up his fight against ongoing problems with his heart and lungs, taking his own life when the quality of it had deteriorated beyond endurance.


Church Mouse's avatar - of which she was very proud.

Church Mouse has battled bravely against her cancer, but surgery and aggressive chemo therapy and radiation therapy did not help. The cancer spread and has now overcome her. She has passed from pain into new life, her faith unshaken even though she freely admitted not going to her local church regularly. Not many people will know that she was, in fact, an organist in her younger days, playing for the Episcopalian Church in her home city of Boston. She drove school busses, served on her local council and had a very good degree in engineering sciences. Among her many interests were blogging - she blogged on several blogs under different pseudonyms - motorcycling (she owned a Honda Goldwing), and almost everything from politics to history. No doubt she will find an outlet for her many talents in the life she has now ascended too.

Heather G Bare.jpg
Church Mouse as her friends will remember her.

I ask your prayers for her soul, for her husband's soul and for her sons and their families as they deal with her passing. As Christians we do not fear death, it is, in the promise of the Gospels, simply the transition to a new and fuller life in Christ. That does not mean, however, that those of us left behind do not feel the pain of separation and the loss of friendship, even though it is a temporary separation.

So I pray, may she rest in peace, and rise in glory with the Saints when we are all called to Christ.

Posted by The Gray Monk at October 26, 2005 11:30 PM

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She and her family are in my prayers. Along with you. {hugs}

Posted by: vw bug at October 27, 2005 01:20 AM

Well put mate I have my own tribute here. My band and my blogs are all a little bit less fun thanks to her loss.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge at October 27, 2005 01:38 AM

I posted this elsewhere and thought it apropos here:
"Heather was one of my favorite people.
My grandson and I had the honor of meeting her and husband a couple of summers ago during an educational trip to Boston.
The one silver lining in the cloud hanging over my head is that she is no longer in the pain I know she was in the last time I spoke to her just before Rita blew through here and her admonishing me for staying.
Like “Big John” She was “one HELL of a woman.”
My grandson and I shall miss her terribly.
Rest in Peace, Momma."

Posted by: Bill Ewing, MSGT USAF (Ret) at October 27, 2005 07:00 AM

No more pain. Rest in peace, Heather.

Posted by: Slim Jim at October 28, 2005 10:04 PM