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August 27, 2005

Part of the family

Meet Mausi, undisputed "owner" of my friends in the Rhinelands. Mausi rules the house with a velvet paw and even has her own seat at the breakfast table in the gazebo.

Mausi making sure all is in order - or in her preferred tongue "Alles in Ordnung!"

The wildlife in this little corner of the Taunusstien is very much in this young lady's control. She is, as her name suggests, an energetic "mouser" and keen provider of delicacies such as mice, the odd stoat, birds and many other items for the family larder. Like almost every "Moggy" - old English name for a Black and White cat - she is a character with definite ideas of what is due and to whom by whom!

Exempt from her rule are the local hedgehogs - perhaps from experience of a prickly nature - they go unmolested.

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 27, 2005 12:37 PM