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August 28, 2005

Animal Welfare Activists? Terrorists by another name!

The news that a family who farmed Guinea Pigs (Not from Guinea and certainly not members of the Porcine family!) for medical research have gone out of business after 16 years of violent attacks, harrassment, and other terrorist attacks on them, their relatives, and their employees by so-called "Animal Welfare Activists", is a sickening indictment of our legal system's failure. Among other nasty attacks, the so-called "Activists" dug up the coffin of an elderly relative and stole her remains, holding them to ransom for over a year now in return for the family giving up its business.

Well, the police have failed utterly to find the perpetrators - despite very real evidence that they must be based fairly close to the farm - and no one has ever been caught or prosecuted despite numerous attacks, plenty of evidence, and even some injuries. Even if they were, the courts would not give them the sentences they so richly deserve.

What sort of sick mind will dream up the idea of stealing the corpse of someone's relative and then holding it to ransom? These people have placed themselves firmly outside of the bounds of any acceptable and normal society. They have the audacity to claim that what this family were doing is "inhuman", but they, and their sympathisers in the RSPCA, Animal Welfare, Anti-vivisection League, and all the rest of this "animals are more important than humanity" rabble, have espoused tactics in no way different to the suicide biombers of the Middle East and no more acceptable in a civilised society!

The plain fact is, whether we like it or not, that some things cannot be tested in a laboratory without first testing it on a rodent. Simply doing a chemical analysis is not going to tell us whether it will have effects like Thalidomide or not.

Perhaps that is the solution. Round these human animals up and use them to test the drugs for cancer, for allergies and for genetic disorders. After all, they have placed themselves outside of humanity - so treat them as outsiders.

There is no excuse for terrorism for any cause, and there is no point in appeasing terrorists. Cut off their funds, cut off their support, and shut down their sympathisers - then you can address the real issues which give rise to it. It is simply unacceptable to have the supporters and sympathisers airing their support in the media and arguing that it is "justified". It is not. It never has been and it never can be. It is time to get tough with these sickening perverts and deal with them effectively. The Police and the Minister responsible should be censured for their failure to act and to bring these criminals before a court. It really has gone far enough;it is time someone answered for this failure in our criminal system.

Someone, somewhere knows who these people are and where they have hidden the remains of the family's stolen grandmother. They should turn them in now - or be treated when the Police finally get motivated to deal with this, as accessories after the fact! They are every bit as bad as those who carry out these acts, whatever their cause!

Terrorism is evil and cannot be tolerated in any form or for any cause.

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 28, 2005 12:08 PM