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August 20, 2005

Dispossessing the natives

The images currently pervading the news channels on TV with the removal of Jewish settlers from Gaza are disturbing enough, but the abusive language, no matter how carefully delivered by the Palestinian "spokeswoman" will certainly win her no prizes for promoting understanding. She has consistently chanted the mantra of "Evil Jews stealing land and supported by the evil United States to do it!" Sadly, it seems that the hope of peace that has sparked this will prove to be a chimera.

Unfortunately I have also been listening and watching various "human rights" activists - who all seem to be feminist, Muslim, or Atheist (Now there's something to worry at!) and ardent believers in blaming Britain, the British people, or Western Democracy for the ills of the world. One could be forgiven, listening to these people, for believing that Western democratic society is responsible for everything from poverty in the third world to Muslim fundamentalist terrorism and any other "failure". The remarkable thing is that most of them are either born and educated here or have come here as refugees from whatever Islamic "Paradise" on earth they originated from and have enjoyed the benefits of our free and open society to gain first class educations, access to universuities and degrees in law - and then make full use of the freedom this society gives them to attack it!

With the increasingly generous (to Muslim fundamentalists) legislation giving more and more "rights" to ethnic minorities, "special" religious groups, and more and more restrictions on Christianity and any "Western" religions, there is soon going to be a situation in which the majority population in Britain will find themselves in the same position as the Jewish settlers in Gaza, of being steadily disposed of our heritage and our culture and even our religion.

If we are honest, Britain's history is tied very strongly to the Christian ethos. Whether one is a practicing Christian or not, one is influenced by the Christian message. Our laws are framed on Christian principles; even our ideas of fairness and justice are based on Christian ideals. The Islamic teachings on justice, fairness, and equality differ on a number of points with those as Christians understand them - or, dare one say, as those who seem to think that a "multi-cultural" society will produce and honour them as they understand them. The laws our illustrious leaders are busily trying to frame and impose on "religious hatred" favour Islam, they will not be applied to Islamic preachers of hate, and they certainly will not be applied to defend the Jewish community in this country. Thus, by default, Blair and his stooges will succeed in changing the face of this country from a broadly Christian one, to an Islamic Republic. In short, Islam will achieve its aim of Islamisation of Britain, by thedefault of our own legal system.

At that point, with the introduction of the "Dhimmi" principle, we will all face a choice, adopt Islam or be condemned to second class status in our own land. We will not be the first to have been subsumed in this way: Persia and its Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews are second class citizens in modern Iran. Christians and Jews are second class citizens in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and even the UAE; the same fate befalls them in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. Where they could not defeat the inhabitants in open conflict, they infiltrate and then use the legal system to seize influence and finally control. We will not be the first, and we will not be the last - unless the "liberal" left can be brought to heel before they give away our heritage and dispossess us by their obsession with this failed experiment in "multi-culturalism"!

If it is not checked soon, we will have been neatly and successfully dispossessed in our own country.

Is this the Britain we want our children to be part of?

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 20, 2005 09:56 AM