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August 21, 2005

Conflict to come?

Despite the many warnings, and despite the record of history, we still live in a society which believes that the "flower power" philosophy of "love beats bombs" and "jaw, jaw, not war, war" will overcome the Jihadi approach and determination to enslave the world in the name of Islam. The name itself should be a warning since it means, quite bluntly, "submission". I found my way to an interesting article through Dodgeblogium on this subject, and it has provoked my taking a hard look at several matters raised there.

On a site entitled "Private Papers" I came across a well researched and written item entitled "Doublespeak unveiled", which gives some interesting insights into the philosophy driving the Islamist and Jihadi mentality. Nothing less than total world domination is the goal, and nothing less than that will satisfy them. Those who choose to ignore this - particularly those who, like Tony Blair's coterie of cronies and appeasers - are creating an atmosphere in which there is likely to arise a situation which will trigger another global conflict. It may start as a terrorist campaign, but sooner rather than later someone will take advantage of some real or imagined slight and it will explode into a major war.

As Bruce Thorton, the author of the article in question, points out, the failure of both Fascism and Communism was that they tried to replace spiritual values and yearnings with purely material comforts. They did not address the fundamental spiritual needs of society - in fact this is evident even now in post-communist societies where Socialism holds sway. Secularisiation of everything, even the beliefs of millions for the purposes of creating a "multi-cultural and mutually respectful" society, is missing the same thing - it tries to reduce belief and spirituality to logic and reason. The Islamic threat is not one of material gain or even of secular power - although they recognise that secular power comes from success - it is about imposing their beliefs and spiritual values on the world. Where the communists tried to impose a non-belief system and the fascists tried to create a sort of new paganism, the Islamist wishes to impose his spirituality - and therein lies a huge difference, because in a spiritually impoverished world, simple belief and simplistic faith patterns have a huge appeal! For those who do not kowtow to the "Submission" there is a prospect of being removed from all authority and denied equality in anything.

It is worth quoting Thorton:

"The jihadist enemy, on the other hand, is operating on principles and values squarely in the tradition of Islam, and thus unlike fascism and communism is expressing a spiritual need and an orthodox religious mandate: to fulfill by force the will of Allah that all the world be subject to Islam and an Islamic state, the caliphate, ruled by sharia, Islamic religious law. Those conquered infidels who refuse to convert are reduced to dhimmi, subordinated and humiliated peoples whose restricted rights, diminished lives, and circumscribed behavior testify to the superiority of their Muslim overlords and their divine right to oppress the infidel and exploit him economically. This dynamic of jihad and dhimmitude has been extensively documented by Bat Ye'or and other scholars, and is apparent on every page of Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and history from the eighth century to today."

The history of the Near and Middle East is enlightening, for those who think that history has a lesson for our age - but apparently those currently entrenched in power in the West believe that history is simply a waste of time and that they are far wiser and less fallible. A study of the late 7th Century and the 8th to 11th Centuries history in the Middle East should sound a number of warnings. First, Islam infiltrated communities which were nominally at least Christian, Jewish or simply pagan (Zoroastrianism should perhaps not be considered pagan, but some do so label it!). Then, having established communities, they began to make demands for concessions to their faith, and finally to provoke conflict within communities. When the authorities reacted (A large part of the area affected was then a part of the Byzantine Empire) they found themselves under attack from increasingly powerful armies of desert recruited nomads and eventually organised armies as more and more states fell to the Muslim hordes sweeping out of Arabia. Conquered towns and cities were given a stark choice - convert to Islam or die.

So, as I have asked before, is there such a thing as a "moderate" Muslim? I am not convinced there ever can be - it is simply a contradicition in terms. Again, Thorton provides a useful reminder:

"Or consider Dr. Yusuf Karadawi, a British Muslim theologian the mayor of London has praised as a “moderate.” Of course, on cue he will recite the usual “condemnations” of terrorism, but always with his fingers crossed. Once more, Israel is the key to discerning the true beliefs of the “moderate.” Dr. Karadawi has stated that there are no civilians in Israel, that using children as homicide bombers is acceptable, and that the terrorists in Iraq murdering Americans, Brits, and Iraqis are “valiant.” The Muslim Council of Britain has described this apologist for murder as a “distinguished Muslim scholar, a voice of reason and understanding.”

In his attitudes to Israel and to Jews in general, Karadawi points to the smoking gun in the hands of every adherent to the Islamic faith. They simply cannot accept equality or even acknowledge the truth, they must always point a finger at someone else and say "it is their doing, we Muslims are the victims." Yes, they are victims, victims of their own hypocricy.

The real battle is not for possession of Israel or "Palestine"; the real fight is the overthrow of the West. And Mr Blair and other "liberal" "moderates" in the West had better wake up to this soon - or they will be responsible for the outbreak of a war that will make the Great War of 1914 - 1918 and the 1939 - 1945 wars look like Sunday School outings.

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 21, 2005 11:26 AM


Thank you for a well thought out and written post.

Posted by: vw bug at August 22, 2005 04:35 PM