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July 13, 2004

Save our heritage!

Another wonderful Government initiative announced yesterday! A select committee of Oath breakers from that House of Iniquity called Parliament has come up with another wonderful idea. Let's detach the Honours system from the Monarch - presumably so we can hand out more gongs of our own creation to our chums. Their suggestions include - scrapping knighthoods, renaming the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire to drop the word Empire, and a new method of selecting people for gongs - surprise, surprise, putting the awards into hands they control.

All of this presumably precipitated by the moronic "poet" who refused to accept an "Honour" last year - because the British Empire had "raped" his mother. Frankly, the thought of any damned politician having the privilege of giving these awards in the name of "The People" or of "Parliament" sickens me. The Sovereign (Regardless of who is on the throne) is divorced from the filth of politics and represents us all far more impartially than any self important cretin calling himself or herself a President, Prime Minister, or First Minister (to use the 18th Century title). You have only to look at the divisions in the US over George W Bush to see what I mean. As Ozguru wrote yesterday, there are people who will never accept that GWB represents the Office of President and that he actually won the election. In fact, one gets the feeling that there are some who would still be contesting his election in courts had the case not been closed when it was. Is this what we want to see happening over the award of honours?

Of course, we know that the politicians actually control the system. You have only to look at what Tone the Cronymonger has handed out and to whom! The important thing here is that the accolade and the recognition do not stem from this transient and frankly fraudulent party aparatchik, they represent the Nation in a way that no politician, however self important, ever can. Even that arch traitor and regicide, Oliver Cromwell, recognised that!

No, this is yet another example of overweaning ambition, over-inflated egos, and crass incompetence among our political Masters whose ideology comes well before any regard for common sense, or an acknowledgement that the broad sweep of history is against them. The people of London disinterred Cromwell after his death and spent two weeks kicking his remains around the streets of London, with his head displayed on a spike on London Bridge. Such was the popularity of the last man who tried to be a Dictator in this Kingdom. Perhaps our Illustrious Leader and his coterie of poodles would do well to remember that. Visitors to Westminster Abbey will see a stone outside the Coronial Chapel to the Battle of Britain, inscribed, "Her lieth the remains of Oliver Cromwell, one time Lord Protector."

It is worth knowing that only his skull is interred there. All that could be found of him after the people had finished with him.

Let us be honest, Mr Blair and his party detest the English, they detest our history and they detest anyone who achieves anything they cannot achieve or which they cannot subborn to their own corrupt ends. This is why there is now a concerted attack on the foundation of our society, upon our allegiance to the Crown rather than the transient inhabitant of a small house in Downing Street, and upon the whole culture that has made Britain a model and a magnet for those who believe that fairness and dignity are to be found here. Under this regime, that has become a joke.

This assault on the Honours system, imperfect as it is, is an affront to the whole Nation. It is time for Mr Blair and his party to be shown the door. They and their Socialist (read closet Communist) friends have taken this country from a position of respect and greatness and made it a dictatorship, ruled by an elite and unaswerable ruling class of professional politicians and civil servants (the Russians call this the "Nomenclatura") who feed on each other's overinflated egos while destroying all that is valuable. This is no longer a democratic society, it is an Oligarchy at best and is rapidly becoming a state in which the traditional freedoms no longer apply.

The Honours system may well be an illusion of reward and recognition; let it continue, at least it made the vast majority of recipients feel they had been acknowledged and felt proud to recieve the accolade "Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or Officer, or Commander of the same. Those who did not could feel free to refuse the award - and they were a very small minority. This assault on the Honours system is merely yet another example of how the concept of democratic principles have been perverted - now the majority are ruled by any vociferous and frequently treasonous minority.

Welcome to the world of "New Speak" and "Rehistory".

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 13, 2004 08:54 AM