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July 14, 2004

A compliment?

Oops, the Monk has been noticed by a passing politician. At least he's a Conservative, and has quoted from my post, "Defence of the Realm", in complimentary tones.

Only problem is I am never certain whether being noticed by any politician is a good thing. Past experience tells me it is usually trouble! Still, it is flattering to be noticed and to know that someone who aspires to the corridors of power actually reads what "the masses" actually think, as opposed to what their minions and their mates in the Press Corps think they want to know. Perhaps I should return the compliment and tell you that his blog can be found here. He is a hopeful candidate for North Norfolk constituency (currently held by Blair's closet supporters - The LibDem Party).

Anyone who gives the current shower the door to exit by - whether or not pursued by a bear, as one of Shakespeare's stage directions requires - has my support. Until they show themselves to be as bad as the present lot, anyway!

Posted by The Gray Monk at July 14, 2004 11:19 AM


Well, one can at least hope that this particular politician will continue to peruse your blog. If he at least takes your points and information into account, he should remain a decent candidate.

Of course, that remains to be seen. Ah well: expect the best, plan for the worst, no?


An American, a Newquist, a Guy.

Posted by: John at July 14, 2004 04:04 PM

Congratulations. Next thing, you'll be standing for the "Common Sense" party (primary policy = terminate red-tape with extreme prejudice)....

Posted by: Ozguru at July 15, 2004 01:24 AM

Common Sense Party? It'll never catch on! It would be far to open and honest.

Posted by: The Gray Monk at July 16, 2004 11:52 AM

Just to prove that I am here again!

Iain Dale

PPC for North Norfolk

Posted by: Iain Dale at July 20, 2004 09:43 PM