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January 10, 2009


Watching the news you could be excused for thinking that the Israelis are to blame for the lack of a ceasefire in Gaza, but, what did anyone expect when the UN passes a resolution demanding a ceasefire and the one side, Hamas, refuses to even recognise the rights of the other, much less the authority (Unless it suits them) of the UN? One sided ceasfires never work, cannot be imposed and do not bring peace.

The Demonstration today in London certainly demonstrated to me the naiviety of a large section of the British public and their patently anti-Israel sentiments. When you see placards being waved reading "Free Palestine" and the sub-title screams from Israeli Oppression, you do have to wonder what they believe would happen if the Israelis did withdraw immediately from Gaza and everywhere else, tore down their defences and disarmed. Do they seriously believe that this is all onesided and can be resolved by an Israeli surrender to terrorists? Certainly a hardcore of the protesters who smashed the Starbucks Coffee Shop window and used the furniture and cups, saucers, condments and other fittings as missiles against the police seem to think that their violence is justified.

It never fails to amuse me when I see these protests carrying the same anti-US banners that appear whenever there is an left-wing inspired protest about anything at all. GWB may not go donw in history as the brightest crayon in the mixed bag that the US has had for Presidents, but, unlike Nixon, his enemies have never managed to impeach him - and they've certainly tried everything including a Hollywood movie sold as a "documentary" on 9/11 but so distorted a presentation of the facts that only the completely ignorant, gullible or terminally left/liberal could possibly believe any of it.

If the majority of Palestinians genuinely want peace, if they genuinely want to negotiate, if the Arab world genuienly wants to put a stop to this violence and hostility the solution is in their hands, not the UN's, not the Rent-a-Mob that turns up everytime there's a protest against anything they regard as "oppression" or "elitist". All the Palestinians have to do is disarm and reject the men of violence who are Hamas. Disarm them, reject terrorism and deal with the terrorists. That will make the walls redundant, the blockades unecessary and the incursions in pursuit of terrorists redundant. If, as is so frequently said by the usual talking heads that is what the majority in Gaza really want - its in their hands.

Only when the terrorists are stopped by their own people will any ceasefire ever have any chance of coming into force.

Posted by The Gray Monk at January 10, 2009 06:25 PM

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Thank you for this -- a rational voice above the din finally.

(25 km outside the missile range)

Posted by: Susan Y. at January 18, 2009 06:50 AM

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