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November 27, 2008

Sleepy Times

This is the time of the year when cats start to go into hibernation. Yes, alright, we do need more sleep than the average human throughout the rest of the year but during hibernation we can barely stay awake long enough to gobble up all the food we need.

Me, sitting on the sofa contemplating my next move...

There's nothing outside to capture our interest any longer. The mice are deep down in their comfy burrows and hardly ever venture to the surface for the next three months. And who wants a small bird? All feathers, bones and no meat! And what's more: already this year that white fluffy stuff is covering the ground - makes your feet ice cold and your belly wet. Arrrrrgh!

I like to spend my days indoors on the sofa and the nights on a bed. Then I'll do a quick patrol in the morning - can't have the other cats in the village getting ideas, you know - then come back to a full breakfast and off to sleep again... That's what I call a cat's life!

Only had 22 hours of sleep today, no wonder I am yawning my head off...

Posted by Mausi at November 27, 2008 07:35 PM

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