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October 07, 2008

German Pilots

A few days ago The Monk posted a funny one about Quantas maintenance people. Mausi learnt yesterday that German pilots - at least those of Air Berlin - have a very special sense of humour, too. Judge for yourself:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Air-Berlin Happy-Hour: two landings for the price of one." (The pilot had needed a second landing approach...)
"We do not know if we'll be able to land because of the fog but just in front of us a Lufthansa plane is trying to. Let's see what the result will be ...."
Air-Berlin flight from Berlin to London-Stansted, very bad weather in England as usual. Announcement of the stewardess prior to landing: "Dear passengers, welcome to London Stansted where the weather is cold, dreadful and unfriendly, just like my ex."
Safety announcements on Air Berlin flights: "In case of a pressure decrease inside the cabin, oxygen masks will be automatically released from the ceiling. Stop shouting, pull on towards you and put it firmly over mouth and nose. If you travel in the company of a small child, put on your own mask first and then help the child. If you are travelling with two children, now is the time to make up your mind which one you love most."
Radio message of a young pilot on his first solo at night approaching the airport: Pilot: "Delta Mike Romeo for Tower Münster Osnabrück: Guess, who is here." The Tower personnel is not amused and turns off the runway lights without further ado... Tower: "Tower Münster Osnabrück for Delta Mike Romeo: guess where we are... "
Tower: "Say fuelstate." Pilot: "Fuelstate." Tower: "Say again." Pilot: "Again." Tower: "Argh, give me your fuel!" Pilot: "Sorry, need it by myself..."

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