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September 24, 2008

Return to Tehran

Well, after a frustrating two and some hours queueing to be let into the Visa section of the Iranian Consulate in London to apply for a Visa to go and deliver a seminar in October, my colleague and I returned at the appointed time and spent another two hours waiting for the said visa to be actually attached to our passports. Mine is OK, I only need a single entry and thirty days - I'll be in and out again in four - but my colleague now faces a double battle. He is there for three months - and the visa they have issued is for - you guessed it - thirty days......

Well, they'll have to sort that out at the other end. As for me, it was a long, frustrating and irritating day in which I got almost nothing done. So today has been catch up day. Equally irritating but far, far more productive.

Now, if I can just get the Abbey sound system to talk to the Ringing Room in the Tower and the Abbot's Parlour in Abbey House, I'll be over the moon!

Posted by The Gray Monk at September 24, 2008 05:05 PM

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