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August 20, 2008

Sound systems and echoes ....

Buildings like the Abbey have some peculiar properties, not least an interesting echo at certain pitches of voice or instrument. That makes putting any sort of sound system into them tricky. We have a very good - allegedly - system in the Abbey, but it has some interesting problems and at the moment as you fix one, something else goes wrong.

Today will be a long and interesting day I'm thinking since I have to spend it with the sound engineers as they try - for the Lord alone knows how many-eth time - to sort out the Parametric Equaliser, the radio control and the radio microphones that cancel each other out, drop out for no apparent reason when in sight of a receiving aerial and so much more. Oh, and then there's the spaghetti in the back of the cabinet - which, frankly, I took one look at at and asked if that wasn't a part of the problem with everything interfering with everything else.

Interesting how the "experts" all went straight into defence mode, protecting their mystique with jargon and waffle - until I got angry enough to tell them they have one chance to sort it out or its the lawyers. Nine months of amplified mayhem is enough! I know enough about electronic communications systems to know when I can bag and sell what I am being told as fertiliser.

Der Tag is upon the Sound System!

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 20, 2008 07:13 AM

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