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August 25, 2008

Somebody's having a laugh

The Abbey sound system has failed yet again. Friday we sorted it, Saturday it worked brilliantly, Sunday we had trouble with the Pulpit microphone and the Priest's Radio Mike. Today the Pulpit refuses to work at all and the Loop system has collapsed completely. We don't know why. No one has touched anything in the system at all since Friday other than to turn it on for use in services.

So now we are back to Square 1. Sound Engineers and more diagnostic work to be done - but one thing is for sure. It seems to be related to something on the line from the pulpit microphone and the Loop system. So, starting there, some wires will be pulled, the Loop scrapped and we'll just keep going until this damned thing does what it is supposed to do, when we want it to and as we want it to.

Posted by The Gray Monk at August 25, 2008 06:42 PM

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