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June 22, 2008

Islamification of Britain

In a stunning example of insensitive and crass stupidity, or perhaps deliberate signalling of their intent to marginalise everything Christian and to promote their Islamic credentials, Labour's placemen in the Department of Education and Employment (Another Oxymoron - education is so poor in this country now that employment isn't necessarily a consequence!), are turning a blind eye to the fact that some schools are not teaching pupils about the Holocaust. Reason, it upsets our Muslim adherents who deny that it happened. So now we are not to discuss the Holocaust because Labour's gurus agree with Iran's President and other Muslim "Scholars" that the Holocaust is a "Zionist Fiction".

Apparently it is sanctioned because teachers might face a "reaction" from Muslims. Tell that to the 6 million Jews who died and the hundreds of thousands of non-Jews who were also exterminated for their ethnic origins. Tell it to the 10 million Stalin and his successors killed in Russia - of course that didn't happen either, Labour deny that Stalin was a Bad Man and don't forget that card carrying members of the Labour Party were involved in handing over the nuclear bomb secrets to Stalin's people in 1949 - 1952. How can one challenge the fact that, once more, the Jews are being set up as scapegoats and Labour is up to their collective necks in this. The "Protocols of Zion" is once more being circulated in England, it is available through any Muslim sponsored bookstall and others sponsored by the most unlikely ally - the British National Party - I have even found copies in bookshops in London. Tell me that isn't offensive to Jews. Or doesn't that matter? For those that don't know, the "Protocols of Zion" made an appearance in the late 19th Century - initially in Russia where it is now known that they were written for the Tzarist Secret Police to enable them to carry out the pogroms against Jewish communities. Hitler used them as the foundation of his philosophy to rid the world of Jews and it is now being actively promoted and sold to the gullible (who Labour feel shouldn't be told of the consequences!) as the reason that Jewry should be suppressed by Islam.

What this reveals more than anything else is that Labour's agenda is to marginalise all those who don't agree with their anti-Christian and anti-Jewish doctrine of creating a state in which the Christian voice is marginalised and the way can be prepared for the Islamification of all our institutions. The announcement recently that the government is setting up a "Religious Focus Group" leaves me absolutely cold. It is nothing but yet another smoke and mirrors trick to give the Islamic community even more power over the rest of us since their voice will always be the one Labour bows to. The Christian stand-point for this Forum should be based on the findings of the study recently released (and notably NOT reported on by the Labour controlled media) that Christian Organisations and Church based social programmes are consistently excluded from government funding programmes and ignored by government Departments and Local Councils. There should be an immediate demand that that situation is made illegal - and the perpetrators brought before courts. In promoting this "apologiser" approach to the Holocaust, Labour is in the same camp as Stalin, Hitler and Hamas, to mention but a few genocide promoters and those who have denied, or still deny, that the holocaust happened.

Perhaps even more importantly, the teaching of the holocaust must be restored and made compulsory - with, preferably, visits to Aushwitz and Bergen-Belsen as compulsory parts of the curriculum. More Synagogues are desecrated, and more Jews assaulted in Britain every week than at any time in the past - and the perpetrators? Almost without exception from a small minority group from the very religion Labour is trying to appease. Is there any prosecution? We don't know. Why? Because our left wing, Labour controlled media don't report it - its "only a Jew" or its "a Zionist Institution" - so its a legitimate target to them. But let there be any affront to Muslims or to a Mosque and the whole press pack is howling for action and blood.

Labour constantly protests that it merely wants to promote "fairness" and "balance" and to allow Muslims the same freedom that Christians enjoy. What freedoms don't they already have? And what of Labour's next campaign? They now want to silence church bells - a coalition of "green" MP's and Labour anti-Christians want to ram through an Act that will make ringing church bells illegal as "noise pollution".

Its time to stand up to these dangerous commissars and send Labour into the wilderness for good. Roll on the election.

Posted by The Gray Monk at June 22, 2008 07:48 AM

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Start looking for the brain drain from the U.K, just as it happened in Germany in the 30's. Most will go to Israel, but some will make it to the USA, and we will thank you for them. On a sad note the USA is about 30 years behind the UK on "social reform" so by watching current events in there I can see America's future.

Posted by: skipjack at June 23, 2008 05:19 PM

I'm afraid this is an urban myth, Gray Monk. Holocaust education is part of the national curriculum. You can read all about this controversy here:

Posted by: Rob Spence at June 25, 2008 12:10 PM

So I have discovered, but the fact is that some teachers are not teaching it - a fact picked up and reported on in a government statement which started this whole thing. Interestingly it is only a required part of the National Curriculum in England, in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it is "recommended" but not compulsory and I note with interest that a statement on the BBC website used by the government to deny this charge, that they admit that some schools "may find it difficult to comply". See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/6563429.stm

Posted by: The Gray Monk at June 26, 2008 05:20 PM

Sorry, that article referred to one school, and in the context of suggesting it was wrong to kowtow to the anti-semitic feelings of some pupils. The fact is that the Holocaust is compulsory in the NC, which is manadatory in England. It is routinely studied in Scotland Wales and NI too, but they don't have a such a detailed curriculum so it's not listed as compulsory, but it is difficult to see how, for example, the Welsh curriculum's emphasis on teaching "significant events of the twentieth century" could avoid a consideration of the Holocaust. I think there are other areas of concern that are more worthy of your attention, for example, the UCU's proposed boycott of Israel- see http://normblog.typepad.com/normblog/2008/06/the-ucu-and-the-israeli-academic-boycott-by-lesley-klaff.html
or Holocaust deniers in the Arab world - see http://counterknowledge.com/?p=106

Posted by: Rob Spence at June 28, 2008 08:57 AM