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March 16, 2008


Today is Palm Sunday and we enjoyed the company of a very well behaved donkey (Actually, being a "she", technically a "Jenny") named Rosie in the Abbey today. As it was also very inclement outside the normal procession with donkey could not be held in the grounds, so Rosie very kindly led us around the inside of the Abbey. There was only one moment of tension, when, as she passed through the Lady Chapel and beneath the Milton Organ, the organist opened the Tuba stop. Rosie's ears went flat along her neck and for a moment her eyes showed white as she contemplated a quick exit, then she decided it wasn't a threat and ambled on around the aisles. Her end reward a bag full of carrots which she then happily munched in the proch.

No mess, no "accidents" and one very sweet tempered visitor departed full of carrots and a couple of happy brays as she joined the hymns from the porch once or twice.

This day also marks the start of Holy Week and we have a full schedule of services for every day. The highlight of the week is, naturally, Good Friday and Holy Saturday as we prepare to celebrate Easter next Sunday. I suspect most of us will be exhausted by that time, but it will be a very worthwhile tiredness. Almost lost in Holy Week (Unfortunately in my view) is the feast of St Patrick tomorrow. I shall keep it even if the rest of the Church of England is focussed on "higher" matters.

On which note - A happy and blessed St Patrick's day to you all.

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 16, 2008 09:36 PM

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