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December 27, 2007

The Global Warming scam ...

Bali, it seems, might not have been the harmonious and "unified" front the "Green" organisers would like to present. In fact, perhaps the US had a point, a serious point that the "Green" Gauleiters don't want aired. My thanks to The Gorse Fox for bringing this great quote to my attention. As I have often said, I think the debate is being railroaded by a small group of "Witch Hunters" and my question is - why?

What is to be gained by denying the counter evidence to their theory? Who benefits if they have it as wrong as many of us believe? The answer surely is no one except those who are living on "research grants" handed out by moroninc politicians who would hand over any sum just to be seen to be doing something and maybe win a few votes - and the developers of all the hideous wind farms which are costing us an arm and a leg and destroying habitats and the environment around them. (Notably though, not in any of Brown's ministers' constituencies - except where said Ministers can't see the infernal things!)

Why do the "Global Warming" nazis refuse to take account of the satellite data that shows surface cooling on the continental masses and slowing oceanic currents? Because they will lose "research" funding if their theory doesn't hold up. This is why are they afraid of an open debate.

But why is the press so afraid to expose the scam? Primarily because the fear in the media of upsetting the green terrorists and having their offices torched, or their papers labelled as "Fascist" - and affecting thier sales - terrifies them all.

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 27, 2007 09:17 PM

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