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June 27, 2007

The PM is gone, or is he?

So Blair is gone and Gordon the Dour has taken his place? Do we get a say in any of this? Probably not, the Sovietistas of the Labour Party have decided that they rule, they know best and the rest of us don't count. Now there are rumours of Gordo calling a plebiscite in May next year - to see if we really do want him. Answers on a postcard methinks.

As for the man who has destroyed this country with his cronies and jobs for the boys - well he's off the a well paid job as a "Peace negotiator" for the Middle East. Talk about snout in the trough, he really has pulled a plum this time, the salary plus his pension from being the ex-PM will see him and his family nicely into the realms of millionairedom - without ever having done a proper days work. Marvellous what the right connections can do for you isn't it. Not bad either for the man who has almost single handedly done more to destroy the United Kingdom, the English and the British nation than any external enemy has managed in almost a thousand years. His nod of approval of the EU Constitution - ignoring the requirement in his own manifesto to hold a referendum,, one he knows he will lose - is his final act of betrayal and treason. Good riddance to him - but I suggest that we demand that we do not pay a single penny towards his salary or his pension from now on.

So what will his successor offer us? More stealth taxes, fewer services, smaller pensions and no doubt even more stupid, unecessary and meddling "regulations". The man is an unreconstructed Old Labour Socialist. He still believes that he can "redistribute" wealth by using the tax system - and ten years at the Treasury still hasn't taught him that only he and his cronies and the senior Civil Service have benefitted from this stupidity. He still believes that every social problem can be cured by throwing other peoples money at it, that "poverty" is the cause of crime - in the face of the evidence that the criminals are better off than anyone around them - and that "victims" of our society must now be given preference in everything. His greatest victims are us - the tax paying and law abiding public!

But what are the alternatives? Dave Cameron's lot? Don't make me laugh - the man is simply a younger Tony Blair, full of empty phrases and gestures.

God help us, I reckon it will take even less time for this nation to tear itself apart now than it took the Roman's in 410AD after Alaric departed. They managed seventy years - I reckon we will be history in twenty at the outside.

Posted by The Gray Monk at June 27, 2007 06:36 AM

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Posted by: William Humbold at June 30, 2007 01:12 PM