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June 06, 2007

Hypocrisy of the highest order ...

When you find the Fabian Society, an organisation that has campaigned since its inception for "internationalism" and the destruction of "nationalism", suddenly switching its coat and now appealing for "A national Britain Day" to promote British Unity and citizenship I find myself almost speechless. Mainly because I am so enraged I am unable to think coherently.

This socialist talking shop is single-handedly responsible for almost every failed "social engineering" experiment of the last century in Britain. Its luminaries include those who have campaigned for the promotion of alternative religions (I suppose at least they spared us the invented religions of Nazi-ism and the Soviet system). This is the organisation which has consistently campaigned against the maintenance of our military at anything like a workable strength, against decent education, promoting instead the dumbed down and debased comprehensive system, label everything that disagrees with them on any matter "Right-wing" or "Fascist" and the list goes on. They have campaigned for separation of authority for Scotland, devolution for Wales and now that the lid has come off and they are faced with the consequences - they rush to the barricades campaigning for a "National Day".

One thing we can be sure of, if it comes to fruition we will be ordered to celebrate "diversity", "multi-cultural enrichment" and any prayers of thanksgiving will be led by someone prepared to pray to the great god Mammon. It certianly won't be a Christian prayer, the Established Church notwithstanding.

In fact, thanks to this shower of ideological pygmies it is much more likely that any prayers said for it will be led by the newly appointed incumbent of a newly confiscated Lambeth Palace - the Grand Mufti of Britain. Blair and his shower Christians? Wrong, watch them scuttle into the nearest Mosque as soon as it suits them to do so. Any National Day promoted by this present government and their mentors in the Fabian Society will not be Christian, it won't be Humanist either though they hope it might - it will be Muslim by the time they have finished seeding their proteges into every government department and every office in the land.

And I can probably be accused now of stirring religious hatred. So be it.

Posted by The Gray Monk at June 6, 2007 06:41 AM

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