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April 15, 2007

Return from Ireland

The Monk and Mausi got back from their trip to Ireland early this morning. At 0430 to be precise ......

The trip has been a wonderful experience, with plenty seen, wonderful people met and even a short walk up the Croagh Patrick mountain. To the first saddle on the pilgrim route anyway. One day we will return and make it all the way up the mountain.

One of the things the Monk hoped to do on this trip was discover more about the REAL St Patrick, not the one of legend, but the real man and his life. He has come back with a huge amount of material to read and a sense of what the man, his mission and his life must have been like. The legends are nothing at all compared to the reality! The Monk has always felt that St Patrick was somehow very much more than the plaster saint and cutout figure the legends give us - and he has discovered not only that he was right, but that the man was even more amazing than he thought.

Watch this space for more on that score!

For those who missed us, we're back and our pictures will adorn these pages soon!

Posted by The Gray Monk at April 15, 2007 07:45 AM

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