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March 05, 2007

Owning weapons

In an interesting commentary on the state of the minds behind our anti-defense league in Britain I have stumbled across an interesting piece in the Times Online thanks to Tim of An Englishman's Castle. For some time now we have had to listen to an interminable procession of drips whinging on about "violence begets violence" and that the only way to stoip the cycle is to all surrender to anyone who threatens us. This, so they argue, will eventually mean the destruction of all arms and armaments. Yes, and probably the reappearance of fairies in every garden. The simple fact is that the removal of any threat of retribution, and of any possibility that the victim may fight back, has not seen a reduction in crimes of violence, but the opposite. These crimes, particularly gun crimes, have exploded!

The author of the Times piece points out that in Victorian London gun ownership was widespread, yet gun crime was very low. Primary reason for this was that if everyone is armed, someone may shoot back - and he/she may well be a better shot! That is certainly my interpretation! That said, the figures do speak for themselves as do the reasons behind the progressive restriction of general ownership of weapons and the steady erosion of our right to defend ourselves.

The first restrictions were introduced after WW1 when LLoyd George was afraid that the disillusioned and isaffected soldiers returning from the trenches might join forces with the rising militancy of the Trade Unions to over throw the ruling classes. I suspect that that is far more the reasoning behind Blair's outright ban on the ownership of handguns - the excuse is "public safety" but the truth is that he is afraid of a popular uprising against him and his Whitehall W*****s in the Civil Service.

Do read the Times article, it has some very revealing facts and figures about gun crime and the rising attraction of gun possession by the gangs of today. Do I feel safer in a "gun less" Britain? Not at all - especially since I have no right of self defence and could get arrested for carrying the Dirk in yesterdays post in the street!

Welcome to Big Brother Britain. Only the State and the Gangs are allowed weapons.

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 5, 2007 07:15 AM

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