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March 01, 2007

Another short story for Amazon

I have just submitted another short story to the Amazon.com "Shorts" section. In it I have explored the experiences of my two principle characters from the book "Out of TIme" as they join the Royal Navy in 1801.

The story is set in a few short weeks in late November, early December 1801 as they join the ship and begin the process of learning their new trade. There is a great deal to learn and they soon discover that a ship is a very complex organism, almost with a life of its own. Like my first two stories in this genre it is an exercise in developing the characters and personalities of the people I am writing about and I am finding it both a challenge and great fun. The biggest challenge is trying to write accurately about the handling of the great wooden walls when my only experience of a ship anything like this is on Sydney Harbour in the HMS Bounty replica. Som,e things can be extrapolated from there and from my experience of sailing dinghies and larger craft - but not much!

The test will come I think when someone who knows a bit more about these ships stumbles across it and reads it. In the meantime I hope that some of you at least will give it a read. When it goes live I will provide a link. At $0.49c what have you got to lose?

Posted by The Gray Monk at March 1, 2007 04:29 PM

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