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February 03, 2007

What's new today?

That's a strange question to ask a cat. Nothing much ever happens in the life of a cat. We eat, we sleep sometimes even with our eyes open.

Mausi in one of her favourite resting places - contemplating the world, no doubt.

At the moment I don't do much except cursing ourselves for having grown such a thick fur in a tropical winter like this. As if it were not enough that I feel extremely hot in it I get told off by my humans for generously shedding it all over the house. There are days when I almost wish I were a dog - that would at least keep my tongue cool.

I do a morning patrol however and - if I feel like it - another one in the late afternoon. Not much to do at the moment outside anyway, except for keeping Boris the red-and-white tom clear off my patch. I love that - he's a good one for getting pounced on unawares! There are not as many birds in the garden as there used to be during winter time. They apparently find enough to feed on in the fields and woods around.

This, however, is what I stumbled over in the morning: the first of the crocus family have made it through the mulch!

These blue ones are always the first - still wet from the early morning mist.

Posted by Mausi at February 3, 2007 12:22 PM

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