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December 23, 2006

Mediæval Bæbes

On Wednesday evening we had the fun of hearing the Mediæval Bæbes singing in the Abbey. The performance was good, the audience was large - my only complaint was that they used a sound amplification system which, in the Abbeys fantastic acoustic, actually did them no favours at all! The building was designed for the music and the instruments they use - all the amplifier did was fight against it.

Their programme was good, nicely balanced and varied and they didn't disappoint with their repertoire. Their accompanying musicians were brilliant and the instruments were the ideal accompaniment to the voices. The cadences perfectly matched by the buildings natural resonance. It was a wonderful demonstration of the way in which the Norman builders exploited the vaults and arcading to project sound.

The good news is that the Bæbes have said they'd like to do it again, and we would like to have them again. The one thing their sound engineer is keen to change though - is the sound system. He said afterwards that he learned a lot on this trip and our building and will change a few things next time.

I'm looking forward to it already!

Posted by The Gray Monk at December 23, 2006 09:41 PM

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